Saturday, December 28, 2013

Editing DSLR Captures On iPhone

I have been shooting almost exclusively with my iPhone 4 in recent months – it’s handy to carry in my pocket on these cold mornings. But some shots beg to be captured with a more powerful camera. So after seeing this bald eagle sitting in one of his favorite spots several mornings in a row, I opted to bring my Nikon D40 (my son is currently borrowing my Nikon 5100) fitted with my Nikkor 55-300mm lens on my next outing. My efforts were not in vain – the eagle remained in his majestic and watchful pose while I zoomed in for several captures. I later transferred a few of the images to my iPhone to edit with Snapseed and share via Instagram. I love the flexibility of editing photos on a smartphone. While adjusting fine details on the small screen can be a challenge for the mid-life vision impaired – the ability to pursue my passion during unexpected moments of down time more than makes up for the eyestrain.

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