Saturday, December 28, 2013

Editing DSLR Captures On iPhone

I have been shooting almost exclusively with my iPhone 4 in recent months – it’s handy to carry in my pocket on these cold mornings. But some shots beg to be captured with a more powerful camera. So after seeing this bald eagle sitting in one of his favorite spots several mornings in a row, I opted to bring my Nikon D40 (my son is currently borrowing my Nikon 5100) fitted with my Nikkor 55-300mm lens on my next outing. My efforts were not in vain – the eagle remained in his majestic and watchful pose while I zoomed in for several captures. I later transferred a few of the images to my iPhone to edit with Snapseed and share via Instagram. I love the flexibility of editing photos on a smartphone. While adjusting fine details on the small screen can be a challenge for the mid-life vision impaired – the ability to pursue my passion during unexpected moments of down time more than makes up for the eyestrain.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

iPhone Photography

I continue to enjoy my iphonemeanderings. Captured some nice waterfall shots using the LongExpo app during a recent visit to Ithaca NY.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Beginnings...

I've just returned from an impromptu trip with my son. We traveled to Burlington VT so I could show him the area where he spent the first couple of years of his life, before he heads off to his first year of college in a couple weeks. We had a wonderful time – the trip couldn’t have gone better if we had planned it far in advance. The one thing we did forget, however, was my DSLR camera. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. My son and I had great fun exploring different apps and comparing the pics we captured via his iPod and my iPhone. The experience has inspired me to resurrect my Morning Meanderings project with a slightly different twist. I have set up an Instagram account titled iphonemeanderings where I will share daily pics shot and edited exclusively on my iPhone. I’ve already added some pics from our trip. Check it out:


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Casual Meanderings Continue on Instagram

While I have ended my formal Morning Meanderings blog project (and am currently working on a book that encompasses the series) I continue to share shots from my morning walks on Instagram. You can find me at:

Some recent meandering shots shared on Instagram

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Think Spring!

Spring continues to be elusive in the Southern Catskills this year... As we long for balmy weather and shades of green, here are some spring favorites from my 2012 Morning Meanderings:
4.20.12 Forsythia on East Mtn Road  • © Margaret Helthaler

4.29.12 Gray Birch on Peekamoose Road  • © Margaret Helthaler
6.1.12 Grassy Banks of the Rondout  • © Margaret Helthaler
5.9.12 Horse at Frost Valley  • © Margaret Helthaler
5.16.12 Green!  • © Margaret Helthaler
5.22.12 View from Big Hollow on a Rainy Morning  • © Margaret Helthaler
5.25.12 Misty Field of Buttercups  • © Margaret Helthaler
5.31.12 Roadside Daisies  • © Margaret Helthaler
6.1.12 Grassy Banks of the Rondout  • © Margaret Helthaler
6.12.12 Rondout on a Rainy Tuesday Morning  • © Margaret Helthaler

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Flower Power

Today marks the one-year anniversary of my Morning Meanderings project. As the Southern Catskills are currently ensnared in the grip of a cold spell and remain under a crusty blanket of snow, I thought it fitting to celebrate the occasion with a bouquet of flower pics from days gone by.

10.9.12 Dried Daisies Along The Rondout  • © Margaret Helthaler
10.2.12 Purple Mums  • © Margaret Helthaler
9.21.12 Little Pink Flowers...  • © Margaret Helthaler
9.17.12 Goldenrod  • © Margaret Helthaler
8.28.12 Painted Lady and Black Eyed Susans  • © Margaret Helthaler
8.24.12 Monarch on Loosestrife  • © Margaret Helthaler
7.31.12 Still Morning  • © Margaret Helthaler
7.24.12 Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly on Thistles  • © Margaret Helthaler
7.23.12 Community Pride  • © Margaret Helthaler
7.19.12 Dr. Seuss Flowers (Wild Bee Balm)  • © Margaret Helthaler
7.18.12 Coneflower  • © Margaret Helthaler
7.17.12 Queen Anne's Lace  • © Margaret Helthaler
7.12.12 Teasel  • © Margaret Helthaler
7.10.12 Some Roadside Color  • © Margaret Helthaler
7.6.12 Black Eyed Susans  • © Margaret Helthaler
7.3.12 Milkweed  • © Margaret Helthaler
6.24.12 Campanula Cherry Bells  • © Margaret Helthaler
6.18.12 Overcast Monday  • © Margaret Helthaler
6.11.12 Flowers on a Fence  • © Margaret Helthaler
6.7.12 Nora's Roses  • © Margaret Helthaler
6.2.12 Purple Irises Near Old Barn  • © Margaret Helthaler
5.31.12 Roadside Daisies  • © Margaret Helthaler
5.30.12 Wild Rose  • © Margaret Helthaler
5.28.12 Buttercup  • © Margaret Helthaler
5.27.12 Blackberry Blossoms  • © Margaret Helthaler
5.26.12 Chive Blossoms  • © Margaret Helthaler
5.25.12 Misty Field of Buttercups  • © Margaret Helthaler
5.24.12 Daisies Along The Rondout  • © Margaret Helthaler
5.21.12 Purple!  • © Margaret Helthaler
5.14.12 Buttercups  • © Margaret Helthaler
5.13.12 Mother's Day Bouquet  • © Margaret Helthaler
5.12.12 Japanese Peony  • © Margaret Helthaler
5.7.12 Dandelion  • © Margaret Helthaler
4.28.12 Hawthorn Blossoms  • © Margaret Helthaler
4.23.12 Old Apple Tree  • © Margaret Helthaler
4.22.12 View From a Window in Woodbourne  • © Margaret Helthaler
4.20.12 Forsythia on East Mtn Road  • © Margaret Helthaler
4.17.12 Flowering Pear Tree  • © Margaret Helthaler
4.10.12 Harbingers of Spring  • © Margaret Helthaler
3.28.12 Peace Lily in Sunroom Window  • © Margaret Helthaler
3.26.12 Pussy Willow in the Morning Light  • © Margaret Helthaler